Friday, 29 May 2015

Weekend without the kids.

So my babies have gone of to the caravan with my parents for a mini holiday.
I feel a bit lost. No idea what we are going to do. Maybe paint.
Darrens full of cold so some plans are out the window.

But I hope I can sleep a full night. Wake up later than 6am.
I can't think past painting.
There is more but I can't think.

Monday, 4 May 2015

All about Edith! ASD & SPD?!!

I really must ring up and book Edith next appointment with the paediatrician.
This could be the appointment where we properly start to officially diagnose her with ASD (Autistic spectrum disorder) and SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder).

She getting so so much better with talking but is still at the same sort of level Alice was at 18 months and George at 2. Her understanding is still limited as well but getting better.
She is the most amazing, happy, wonderful person named Edith that has ever existed.
I am so lucky.

And yes of course it's hard. She gets frustrated and hits out, or worse hits herself.
She closes down and shuts off when things get too much, or screams, utterly hysterical and so distraught. It hurts my very soul. But we do all we can to keep her happy and full of joy. The problem being is we have accidentally started to create a monster. Lol she does need to realise that she can't always have exactly what she wants when she wants it.
The hardest part sometimes is working out a temper tantrum over a meltdown.
One she chooses to throw to get what she wants and one she cannot control and is her inability to cope in a situation.
We are getting there but she really is smart and knows how to play. Haha. I am so proud.
She's literally just said 'well done Alice! Hooray!' 4 words! FOUR WORDS! All by herself. My heart could explode. For a while we wondered if she would ever talk or if she'd not. Many autistic children do not communicate verbally so it was hard to think she may never talk, may never again say 'love you mummy' but she does. Well she calls me ninny or nanny more than mummy but we are working on it!
She's in weekly speech therapy and bi weekly portage until she starts school.
I'm terrified of her going to school. She will not know what is going on. She won't understand and will need a lot of help but we've been told she won't get statmented as Hampshire has reached their quota. Though I have a feeling the school will be fighting with all their might soon enough. it' s not hard to see that she will not learn a thing as it stands.
We choose not to put her into a special needs school and were also advices not to just yet. Because she could well excel with her language soon and a special needs school would inhibit her if she has a chance to catch up. I know she might not and although I can't say I accept that yet, I do know it's a reality. But I will never give up on her. Ever. She's my gem. My happy thought.
I am still scared I'm screwing it all up but I guess we all think that. It's just slightly was scary with average children. Or is for me anyway.
But that's Edith, for now.
I will update as times passes and things happen. And I pray it's all positive and good and stuff. Lol

So, I failed. Again

I never manage to keep up with blogs.
The main issue being that I start to write but get distracted and then it's 3 weeks later and what is written is irrelevant.
I've got about 6 unfinished and unpublished posts.
I guess the main problem is that blogging take much more brain action that vlogging. I talk and then sometimes I edit but usually I don't and that it!
With this is harder to make sure I make sense. Lol

So I will endeavour to gat back at it and not be so pants.

I'm 12 weeks pregnant, well 12+3. It's going so fast.
I'm tired and a bit sick but over all really good.

The best thing in this moment is Edith's on the trampoline and she is so happy she is singing and shouting. I am hoping the neighbours find it as cute as I do and aren't getting annoyed. Ha.
George and Alice are sucking up by vacuuming and tidying so they can earn x box time. It's already has a sort of gravitational pull for them. I'm not pleased about this!
I am that mean mum though who won't let them play certain games. They are allowed parent controlled minecraft (no monsters) and Disney infinity (both types). For now that is everything then want and makes them happy when they are allowed to play (1 hour a day on weekends).

I never really know what to write. I'm not interesting enough to really have a subject worth going over. It's more like a diary of my irratic thoughts which I doubt would entertain anyone else. And probably not even me in 10 years time... Or maybe it will.